Training Hub

As an academic training center as well as a research center, CIMH implements and evaluates different models for integrating mental health care into a variety of settings, including primary care, HIV, maternal health, and schools, that can serve as more accessible gateways to mental health care. In order to build capacity of organizations in these settings to provide mental health services, CIMH offers tailored, evidence-based training opportunities and resources. These trainings and resources aim  to task-shift mental health care to key community members such as community providers, community health workers, and peer support groups.

Mental health care in low and middle income countries

Project Dep Training

We train a community network of lay providers in Vietnam to provide mental health services in primary care settings.

Mental health care for trauma-impacted populations

We maintain a repository of mental health and psychosocial resources for trauma-impacted communities.

Mental health care for cancer patients

As part of the CEESP Program, we provide support for students to conduct mentored research on the intersection between cancer care and mental health in global and U.S. minority settings.

Mental health care for people in crisis

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid teaches you how to approach, assess, and assist a person who may be in the early stages of developing a mental health challenge or in a mental health crisis.


We host webinars on pressing mental health and social justice issues.