The Center for Innovation in Mental Health (CIMH) is an academic training and research center that promotes the reach and adoption of effective mental health interventions through research, evaluation, training, and policy.​​

CIMH engages in local and global efforts to advance mental health service and research to improve access and quality of mental health care. Based at the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy, the Center builds on a wealth of scholarly and practical expertise within the university, guidance from advisory board members, and partnerships with collaborators across communities.


CIMH engages in community-based participatory research to guide program design and implementation. We have an extensive background in developing community engagement, capacity building, implementing, disseminating, scaling up, and evaluating evidence-based practices for mental health across multiple sectors for vulnerable communities globally.  


CIMH focuses on research examining the links between common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety and a range of economic outcomes. Our goal is to better understand the support needs of individuals at risk of mental health challenges to break the downward cycle of mental illness, poor physical health, and poverty. We develop and evaluate innovations based on evidence-based research across communities and best practices in the field.


We implement and evaluate different models for integrating mental health care into a variety of settings, including primary care, HIV, maternal health, and schools, to offer more accessible gateways to mental health care.


We develop, implement, and evaluate mental health interventions aimed at improving a wide variety of outcomes, including economic, physical health, and other psychosocial measures for high-risk low-income populations locally and globally.