CIMH has a centralized team composed of both staff and students that is focused on developing mental health resources for the CUNY SPH and NYC community and streamlining communications of center activities and updates to the public. Resources include digital campaigns related to skills-building in wellness and mental health. CIMH team members are also continuously developing and improving communication strategies to promote these resources and interventions to different populations. Center-wide communications projects include maintenance of our center website, social media accounts, and center blog and creating opportunities for students interested in health communications to lead these efforts.

Members of the communications committee also assist with designing communications and training strategies and materials across the center’s mental health projects, including (but not limited to):

  • Training manuals for task-shifting of mental health care
  • Training modules for remote learning and supervision of mental health providers
  • Digital mental health skills-building programs to assist with mental health and self-care for frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

With the help of the CIMH communications committee, the center aims to establish a digital training center in the near term where community and research partners can train online in providing evidence-based mental health care to their community members, access mental health resources, and connect with CIMH specialists to build their organization’s capacity for mental health interventions.