Study Overview

The Connections to Care: Building Resilience in Youth (C2C: BRY) program was developed in response to the significant need for youth mental health interventions in NYC, following the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The program focuses on providing increased mental health support and resources to neighborhoods that have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19, particularly for youths aged 13-21.


To address these needs, BRY aims to:

Expand mental health knowledge, skills, and strategies among staff of community-based organizations (CBOs) in TRIE neighborhoods

Develop a strong partnership between CBOs and select Mental Health Providers (MHPs) to refer youth for mental health and related services when appropriate

Improve mental health outcomes for participating youth

Strengthen community awareness and coordination of services and resources through community engagement and partnerships with local CBOs and community leaders

The C2C: BRY Program does this through three main training and technical assistance strategies:

Mental Health Task Sharing Training 

CBO staff will be trained in team-based mental health task-sharing and coached by mental health providers

Technical Assistance (TA)

Three individual site sessions will be scheduled with CBOs at the beginning of the program to support program planning & implementation

 Learning Collaborative

After the training period, cross-site learning collaborative meetings will be offered to support continuous quality improvement and share resources to promote strategies for effective implementation & sustainment of the program